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Welcome to My Amazon Storefront

I could have made this on Amazon and made lists and lists of things you could buy from, but that didn’t feel personal enough and I wanted this page to truly showcase the items that I love and want to influence you to buy. Plus now you’re on my website, check out my shirts – xoxo

hip thrusts womens booty workout promo code amazon dupe hip thrust belt

Hip Thrust Belt

This belt is for all of the girlies who either A. Don’t want to set up with the massive bar and plates in the middle of a crowded gym or B. Are working out in a smaller facility that doesn’t even have those things. This belt is for two barbells, and your peace and quiet in building that booty. It’s a cheaper version of the BellaBooty belt, only $30 on amazon and amazing quality. 

big cheap cat tree promo code amazon

6 Foot Cat Tree

I’ve had this cat tree for my two cats for over two years now and my cats LOVE it, it’s their favorite napping spot. And for less than $100 you don’t get any better than this. It sits nicely in a corner, is easy to vacuum, and my boys absolutely adore it. $100 is so worth it for your cats to be happy, entertained, and content. 

under the desk walking pad amazon discount promo code

Under Desk Walking Pad

This walking pad is amazing, it’s heavy duty without being huge. I for one am always afraid of breaking things like this, but this guy I am not afraid of. It’s not the smallest item I own but I do not want it to be. It slides perfectly under my bed. PLUS, you have the option to use afterpay, which makes it $18 a month for a year … which if you use girl math like me – it’s free. 

diy rental friendly kitchen remodel

Renter Friendly Kitchen DIY

My completely renter friendly DIY kitchen remodel list, I’ve been working on this for a little over a year and a half and it has all stayed perfectly – no revisions necessary – here are all of the products I used

Countertop Vinyl / Pink Subway TilesCabinet Handles / Upper Cabinet Wallpaper / Lower Cabinet Wallpaper/ Pink Pots and Pans / Pink Dish Towels / Pink Kitchen Utensils / Pink Rice Cooker