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I make everything by hand, made to order

Glitch Creations is a one woman show, I do all of the design work and put the shirts together from my home!

I started making t-shirts for my friends for music festivals, eventually enough people were interested in my work that I opened my store and started doing custom work. I have since shifted my focus to Zodiac and Tarot t-shirts.

Everything is made to order! Because of this, my turnaround time is 2 weeks! Please allow two weeks from order time to receive your shirts.

The Tarology Collection

Every astrological sign has a corresponding major arcana tarot card. I took inspiration from various tarot decks and created my own designs for each sign of the zodiac!

I incorporated the constellation and symbol for each sign into every tarot card design. As well as my spin on each card design tailored to the zodiac signs.


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